ReOpening Plans & Updates

8/10 Update: We have expanded our hours to include Saturday morning for both curbside pickup and library appointments. Curbside pickups and library appointments are both at 10am, 11am, and 12pm. Must call 860.395.3184. Review the info about both types of appointments below to help us follow health and town guidelines to fight COVID.

7/29 Update: The Library is open by appointment, Monday-Friday in 45 minute slots at 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm. Quick Browse, Computer, and Children’s Room appointments. Please read the guidelines we are following and ask you to follow when you visit.  Library Appointment Information We will continue Curbside Pickup. Let’s stay safe together. 

7/24 Update: On July 28th, the library will be getting a replacement boiler for one of the two,  20 year old boilers, that has been giving us grief for the past few years. This one will be more efficient and will save us from further costly repairs. We still have not been given a reopen date yet. Thank you for your patience! We will be looking to expand our curbside times as it has gotten extremely busy!

7/20 Update: Our plexiglass is done! We have asked for some further guidance from the town and health department and are waiting for those answers. We unfortunately will need to extend our book quarantine time from 72 hours to 96 hours as the virus has been found to linger on some items longer than others and we like to err on the side of caution to keep you and staff safe. So, if you have returned an item and notice it is still on your account, more than likely it is in quarantine. More info on appointments for computers should be coming soon.

7/13 Update: Plexiglass is being installed on all three service desks. We are working on creating a schedule to allow public to make appointments to browse the stacks or to use the computers. We hope to do appointments to keep the numbers low and allow for proper social distancing, but, to allow freedom to browse through the stacks. Children’s Room appointments will be made by families and only one family at a time. This phase should be coming soon, but we have no set date yet, everything will need to be finalized with the Town and Health Department first. Masks will be required.

7/2 Update: Items from other libraries in our consortium will begin accepting request (as long as they are staffed) beginning July 6th. You will not have to limit to just Acton items.

7/1 Update: Curbside pickup slots have been expanded, and will now begin at 10am instead of 11 am. There is no pickup on the 3rd of July, as it is a Town Holiday. The library’s self checkout station has been installed. There will still be staff at the other service desks, this is just an option for those that would like to utilize it. All staff will need some training on it for when we reopen. 

6/24 Update: The plexiglass for our three service desks has been ordered. Some furniture is being removed to help with social distancing requirements, and being stored in the Grady Thomas Room. 

6/23 Update: We are currently repairing our cupola. We will also soon be installing a new boiler, our old one was 20 years old and was having an increasing amount of costly issues. We do not yet have a date for installation of the plexiglass. We have begun offering printing for curbside pickup. Email to help with your printing needs.

6/16 Update: We wanted to give you an update of where the library is in terms of reopening. We will not be opening on June 17th, and many other libraries in the state are not ready either. We are currently waiting on the installation of plexiglass. When that is installed we will be able to talk to our town officials and the health department and see what other measures we will need to take to keep our staff and patrons safe.

We are following the guidelines set out through the town, state, and from the state library.

Things will not look as they did when we left, and our procedures and the way we operate will not be the same as when we left in March. Hopefully, all these measures will be temporary and we will be able to loosen restrictions as quickly as possible, as long as we continue on the downward trend of COVID cases. We will try to keep everyone updated as thing progress.

In the meantime, our staff has been working hard on creating virtual programs, providing curbside services and even creating Summer Reading using both curbside and virtual methods. We have also invested more in digital offerings so we hope the wait times are less. If you have a digital title we can even sometimes buy extra copies.

Please use our curbside services until we open the doors again. Enjoy a virtual program. Get involved in our Summer Reading, it’s for all ages.

We hope you all are staying healthy and safe and we are working our hardest to make sure that when you come back into the library you will continue to be healthy and safe.