Curbside Pickup


Hours are Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm and until 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Saturdays are between 10am and 5pm. Items are coming from most libraries in CT at this point if you request them for delivery to Acton. Please read the emails generated by our library system that will give you an update on your holds. 

Curbside Service began on May 26, 2020. After consulting with the health department and the town officials, we have come up with the following plan to provide you with curbside service. Please be patient as we figure out the best way to get you your items while keeping you and the library staff safe!

Below is information on requesting, pickup, and book drops.


  • Slots will be available from 1o-4 and they must be scheduled and confirmed with a staff member that items are ready and available for you. We are also offering Tuesday and Thursday evening slots.
  • Requests of books, movies, audio-books, and music CD’s may be made beginning at 10am daily. If requests are made too late in the day, they may not be fulfilled until the next business day. As mentioned, there are only 4 slots available per hour.
  • Items must be Acton Library items, our delivery service is not running at capacity yet and there are backlogs of holds and items that have not been shipped.
  • The staff member will tell you what time slots are available that day or week.
  • Please limit your requests to once a week in the beginning.
  • These slots are an hour long. So if you have a scheduled pickup at 2pm, you will have between 2-3 pm of that day to get your order.
  • Requests will be accepted through phone at 860.395.3184 or email at
  • You may leave a message and a staff member will return your call or email to confirm your time slot.
  • Be aware that staff will not be in the building on Sunday so your request will not be acted upon until Monday.


  • Items will be placed in the front entryway. Please look for the bag with your name on it. 
  • Please do not show up at the door and expect the staff to be able to open the door, they have been instructed not to.
  • Please keep our staff healthy and wear a mask when picking up! If you do not feel well, please reschedule your pickup for when you do feel better.
  • If someone is in the foyer or book drop, please wait at the cone marking the six feet of social distance. Or, wait in your car.
  • We are cleaning all our books and using gloves and masks to keep you safe, because we want to make sure that when we go home at night our families are safe too.

Book Drop: 

  • Both book drops are open
  • If returning items please make sure the area is clear of other patrons
  • There will be a cone and signage reminding you to keep your six foot distance
  • Please only return library items
  • Do not put donations in the slot, we are not currently taking them at this time